Cheese Pasta

Step 1.

Take a skillet and bubble 3 glass of water with adding salt. then, at that point add pasta and let it cook for at any rate 10 minutes. While cooking pasta add 2 teaspoons of oil with the goal that the pasta won’t stay together.

Step 2.

Channel the pasta and keep to the side.

Step 3.

Warmth the container and add margarine. Presently add generally useful flour and cook for 30 seconds on lethargic warmth.

Step 4.

Then, at that point add some milk and slashed capsicum. allow it to bubble for 2 minutes.

Step 5.

Switch off the fire and add ground cheddar and blend well.

Step 6.

At the point when it disintegrates totally then keep to the side. Take cooked pasta in a bowl and empty the velvety sauce into it.

Step 7.

Blend well, add oregano spices and pepper powder. Presently cook pasta in the microwave for 1 minutes. Smooth Pasta is prepared to serve hot with garlic bread.