Rewards Club

Rewards Club

Join To Save

If you’d like to enjoy a number of money-saving benefits, why not become a Sarawat Rewards Customer today? It’s free to join, and the points you earn can be spent on your next purchase or keep the points to use them later when needed. You will also be entitled to exclusive access to special discounts for rewards card members only.

How To Become A Rewards Card Member

  1. Visit the Customer Service counter to sign up before you shop or register at the till with your mobile number to start earning points instantly.
  2. Register online with your smart phone by making use of Sarawat’s free WiFi zone at the store entrance before any points can be redeemed.

How To Earn Points

How to redeem your points

Special discounts offered

Your Rewards card will also entitle you to special discounts on selected items for rewards customers only

Can I receive discounts without my card?

Unfortunately, no card, no points. We can’t award points afterwards, so in order to earn your points, always give your rewards card to the cashier to swipe as you shop.

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