Romanian White Cabbage Salad

Romanian White Cabbage Salad is a light invigorating coleslaw formula dressed essentially in a light dressing and prepared with new spices. A pleasant option in contrast to conventional coleslaw.

Cut the cabbage into quarters and eliminate the tail

Wash each quarter of the cabbage

Shred the cabbage leaves by cutting the quarters head into extremely slight segments.

Add the destroyed cabbage to a bowl and throw with the salt.

Put away for 30 minutes.

Press the destroyed cabbage, either utilizing your hands or a drying towel.

Dispose of the water that is delivered.

Wash and dice the new spices and them to the cabbage.

Whisk together the oil, vinegar and lemon juice.

Mesh new pepper over the plate of mixed greens.

Prepare the serving of mixed greens with the dressing