Strawberry Quark

Wash and frame the strawberries and cut them into cuts. Sprinkle with lime juice, whenever wanted, and improve to taste with 3-4 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Put away.

Whip the cream into solid pinnacles and put away.

In a huge blending bowl, beat the excess fixings until smooth and consolidated. Overlay in 33% of the whipped cream, then, at that point overlap in the remainder of the whipped cream.

Set out your sweet glasses, ramekins or bowls. You will require 10 that are around 5-7 ounces (160-200 ml) each. Layer the strawberries with the cream in the glasses. Topping the tops with strawberry cuts and mint or lemon emollient leaves.

Cover glasses with saran wrap and chill until serving. Topfen cream will keep for as long as four days in the cooler.